February 10, 2017

How do Slots Work for Private Jets Flights ?

One of the main benefits of flying with a private jet is flying with short notice and at your preferred times, however that’s not the case with some airports as they do operate a slot system for private jet take- offs and landings. So what are slots? Slots are the specific time that is given to an aircraft to land or depart from the airport. There is a big risk of being unable to use the runway again for some time again if you don’t leave the arranged time. The slot system is required in order to control the number […]
December 14, 2016

Lear 35 Winter Escapes

We are excited to announce that an aircraft ideal for our winter operations has just joined Air Business International and Greek Air Taxi Network’s fleet. The Lear 35 9H-MRQ has recently returned from a successful completion of a 12-year inspection at the MCM – Maintenance Centre Malta and is now ready for take-off. The aircraft can also be used for aeromedical flights. Read more on Air Business International
December 14, 2016

Winter Operations of Greek Air Taxi Network

Did you know that Greece is a year round tourist destination thanks to its breathtaking mountains, inland villages and ski resorts? Through GATN winter tours you can discover a side of Greece that is truly off the beaten path!
December 14, 2016

Is my flight legal?

With thousands of flights taking place every day, one of the most important issues that are raised are those that have to do with safety and security. Is my flight legal? A question you must alway ask! Why? Because there are serious safety and legal implications involved if the operator of your charter flight is not entitled to conduct commercial operations.
November 21, 2016

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