Wheelchairs on a Private Jet

We are often asked a question if people can travel on a Private Jet on a wheelchair, and the answer is definitely YES. The Private Jet charter flight can be arranged for the passengers travelling in a wheelchair and for the those with the reduced mobility. The commercial airlines flights are very difficult or even impossible for this people.

The smallest private aircrafts may not have enough space for the wheelchair, but starting from mid-size jets, as Citation XLS for example, there are plenty of space in the aircraft’s cabin.

Our Team had an experience of arranging private jet flights for passengers with reduced mobility, so you need Our assistance, we are ready to help and discuss your requirements. So we will be able to recommend the most suitable aircraft and airports, according to your requirements and your budget.

Can I use my wheelchair instead of aircraft seat during the flight?

The options of the seats on a private aircraft can make the experience of disabled passenger much more enjoyable. The advantages of the aircraft seat are increased leg room, a car seat style seatbelts for extra security and a club-seat style arrangement. These advantages make it easier for passengers travelling on a wheelchair to get in and out of their seat, and also more security feeling during the flight.

For take-off and landing it’s a safety requirement to be in an aircraft seat. Or, if in an adapted medieval aircraft, secured in stretcher.

Depending on the size of the aircraft, the wheelchair itself can be stored directly in the cabin storage area for easy access and may be accessible during the flight.

Specially-adapted wheelchairs are available for use in large converted airliners or large cabin jets and can be secured by the crew for take-off and landing.

And what about an electric wheelchair?

Electric wheelchairs are more difficult to arrange, but it can be carried on large aircraft. In order to confirm if this kind of wheelchair can be taken on a jet, your Flight Adviser will need to know some details: the weight; if the wheelchair can be folded; and the type of battery it is equipped with, because there is a restriction some some batteries.

How is the boarding work?

The boarding process for a private jet is much easier than an airline flight – particularly for those with wheelchairs.

At some airports passengers can be driven directly up to the plane steps, where they can go through the security proceedings from within their car, including getting scanned, without ever having to come outside of the vehicle. It’s a personalized service, so the aircraft and crew will allow you to board at your own pace – giving you the help required, to make everything as easy and stress-free as possible.

Some private aircraft have wider doors which can make it much easier for passengers with reduced mobility to board.

Special requests

Any special requests should be arranged prior to the flight to ensure that the trip goes well for all passengers.

For those with more additional or severe physical needs, whether temporary or permanent, our team can arrange to have all that needed, like:additional medical stuff/assistance, oxygen and more available for use during the flight. Additionally, we can also arrange medical evacuation flights when necessary.