Airplane details
  • Type N/A
  • Manufacturer Diamond
  • Model DA42 TwinStar
  • Seating Capacity 3
  • Cruise Speed N/A
  • Max Speed N/A
  • Range N/A
  • Year N/A
  • Base N/A

The DA42 Twin Star was certified in Europe in 2004[3] and in the United States in 2005.[4]

The airplane is made of carbon composite material.[2] It is equipped with a Garmin G1000 glass cockpit.[5]

The DA42 Twin Star was the first diesel-powered fixed-wing aircraft to make a non-stop crossing of the North Atlantic, in 12.5 hours, with an average fuel consumption of 21.73 litres (4.78 imp gal; 5.74 US gal) per hour (10.86 litres (2.39 imp gal; 2.87 US gal) per hour per engine).[6]

In June 2010 a DA42 powered by Austro AE300 engines became the first aircraft to be publicly flown on algae-derived jet fuel.[7]

From Wikipedia

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