76th Cannes Festival 2023

Once a small fishing village, Cannes is now a glamorous and expensive seaside town considered to be one of the social hubs of Europe. Its moment to shine arrives in May as the venue for the Cannes Film Festival, entertaining the rich and famous. During the festival, fans can see actors, celebrities, and directors up close and in person on the famous steps of the Palais des Festivals at the end of La Croisette. The 76th Cannes Film Festival will take place from Tuesday, May 16 to Saturday, May 27, 2023, the festival has confirmed to Screen.

The opening will, therefore, take place on the evening of Tuesday, 16th May and the awards ceremony will be on Saturday, 27th May.

Cannes Film Festival is considered the most prestigious film festival in the world. It was first held in 1946 from September 20 to October 5 in the resort town of Cannes on the French Riviera.

Since its inception, the Cannes Film Festival has always remained true to its fundamental mission to open and present films that contribute to the evolution of cinema and the development of the global film industry, as well as to pay tribute to the world of cinema.

In 1998, the Cannes Film Festival established the Cinefoundation program, the purpose of which was to support film production in different countries and prepare a new generation of filmmakers. Since its inception, the program, held under the auspices of the festival, has been significantly expanded and supplemented by new projects.

What is more, starting on a Tuesday will allow us to hold an additional gala evening before the Festival weekend and to organize reviews of the opening film throughout France.

Finally, bringing forward the announcement of awards by one day, to Saturday evening, will increase its prestige, while at the same time giving the closing film better exposure.

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