Welcome to Venice

Travel to the romantic city by private jet through jets4you,  ride in a gondola into  the canals and discover and experience the Italian atmosphere and lifestyle.

Top Venice Attractions

Glide along the rivers grand canal. start off at the famous st Marks square that is a jewel of Venice and birthplace of the cities greatest monuments. its influenced by byzantine- basilica, Basilica Di San Marco and its  amazing architecture are full of wonders. Certainly Venice’s best-known church, and one of the most easily recognized in the world, St. Mark’s Basilica (Basilica di San Marco) was originally the Doge’s private chapel, decorated with Byzantine art treasures that are part of the booty brought back by Venetian ships after the fall of Constantinople.

The Torre Dell-Orologio, the Doge’s Palace and the Campanile  are a must see once in a  lifetime experience.  The entire city is like an art gallery. starting from the 18th century the highly know famous artists work were found here. Along the  Calle Delle Mercerie you will find fantastic haute-couture stores along with a variety of artisans.  indulge in some antipasti or seafood or a gelato in a popular place on the waterside. n addition you are able to see an opera at the red and gold Teatro La Fenice.

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