Welcome to Tirana

Visiting Albania’s capital you’ll delve into the past and present of a country that has seen intense turmoil since it was founded in the 1600s. Tirana has disintegrating soviet-era buildings, brand new projects and proud historic monuments side-by-side, while the wonderful upland scenery that bounds the city to the east calls for exploration. Each monument has its own complicated and emotionally-charged story to tell, whether it’s about 20th-century oppression or daily life in Tirana in Ottoman times. And if things get too hot in the summer you’re free to cool off in the Adriatic sea, which is an easy drive away.

Top Tirana Attractions

Skanderbeg Square,In the heart of Tirana, Skanderbeg Square is a lively meeting place, surrounded by some of the most important tourist attractions of the city. Proudly boasts a statue of Albania’s famous son Georg Kastriot Skandebeg. All important departments and sights can be found nearby: the Et’hem Bey mosque & the clock tower, the Skanderbeg Monument, the national museum and the palace of culture.

The Blloku, or Block area, has become Tiranë’s hippest and most vibrant district. Filled with boutiques, shops, cafes, restaurants, trendy bars, and nightclubs, it is the place to see and be seen in this swiftly changing and growing cosmopolitan city.

The Pyramid of Tirana, The out-of-place pyramid, was built during communism times as a museum to honor a reviled communist dictator, Enver Hoxha. a former Albanian leader who furthered the ideals of Stalinism for decades after the Russian dictator died. The cement is crumbling, windows are smashed and its walls are full of ugly graffiti. But the Pyramid of Tirana, located at the center of Albania’s capital city, has an emotional and political resonance that makes it difficult to destroy.




Sky Club Panoramic Bar & Restaurant, This Panoramic Bar & Restaurant is one of the best in the city and in addition to the delicious cuisine it offers the best views of Tirana by day and night 360 degrees. Sky Club is open every day from 7 am to 24 pm and is on the top floor of Sky Tower.

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