Welcome to Rome

Charter a flight through Jets4you to Rome by private jet and enjoy a historic learning experience. With wonderful palaces, ancient churches and basilicas, grand Roman monuments, ornate statues and graceful fountains, Rome has an immensely rich historical heritage and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Top Rome Attractions

Rome is divided into several districts with its center, the Colosseo district, containing the most ancient attractions like the Colosseum, Capitoline Hill and the Roman Forum. On the outskirts of the center is Old Rome, featuring the Pantheon, stunning cathedrals, plazas and Renaissance architecture.

You can stroll through the streets and be blown away by the famous Colosseum the janiculum that has an amazing view then gradually make your way down to the Piazza Navona, an area for art amateurs as this particular area teams up with galleries of local designers and artists. Along with this you are able to sit on the terrace of the many cafeterias and enjoy a cup of Italian coffee.

As known Rome is home to the Vatican City, where Catholicism originates from, its buildings and creations are part of the most beautiful in the world. The piazza di spagna is where you can experience the latest fashion from the world’s greatest designers in a beautiful environment. Last but not least don’t forget to walk along the banks of the Tiber where many amazing restaurants are to be found, with a great view looking over the river and enjoy the Italian gastronomy in unique and romantic surroundings.

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