Rio de Janeiro

Welcome to Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro’s setting between the mountains and the sea is so spectacular that UNESCO cited “the staggeringly beautiful location for one of the world’s biggest cities” in naming Rio a World Heritage Site. UNESCO’s accolades weren’t just for the natural setting but also for the urban cultural landscape and the mix of architecture and planned green space that characterized the city’s growth.

Top  Rio de Janeiro Attractions

Visit the Santa Tereza A district of steep, quiet streets and hundred-year-old houses, Santa Tereza is Rio’s most atmospheric neighborhood. Its cafés and restaurants are favorites of artists and intellectuals who add to the Bohemian atmosphere. Although its greatest charms are found just wandering its streets, which often open out onto beautiful views, there are several attractions to seek out, among them the church and convent of Santa Tereza, dating to 1720. The Museu Chácara do Céu has an art collection of mainly modern works, including those by Picasso, Miró, and Matisse, as well as Chinese sculpture from the 17th through 19th centuries. The adjacent Parque das Ruínas is the shell of a socialite’s mansion that fell into disrepair and has become an art, music, and performance venue.

Barra da Tijuca’s expansive 11-mile stretch of coastline and adjacent shopping center, known to Cariocasas “Barra,” is popular among locals. Recent travelers say it has a more relaxed environment than the sands at Copacabana and Ipanema. Visitors enjoy the clean waters, as well as its ideal conditions for water sports like windsurfing and bodyboarding. Along the shore, you’ll find plenty of inexpensive shops, bars, clubs and restaurants, as well as kiosks selling coconut water.

Copacabana Beach Sunrise It’s the most famous beach in the world and a trip to Rio wouldn’t be complete without spending at day at Copacabana. This four km iconic beach is filled with energy and excitement. Vendors and restaurants line the sand and a wide paved pathway along the road makes for an easy stroll. What we love about Copacabana Beach is how there are no hotels on the beach, they are all located across the road.

Visit Santa Marta  Favela Tour If you want to learn more about Rio culture, take a favela tour to visit local communities. There are 800 favelas in Rio and nearly 1.5 million people inhabit these shanty towns. Favelas used to be over run by drug lords and gangs, but they are slowly being pacified and now there are a handful of favelas that are safe for tourists to visit.

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