Welcome to Portofino

An ancient and sophisticated village overlooking a sea of ​​indescribable beauty: this is Portofino, an Italian gem long-frequented by prominent personalities from the worlds of entertainment, culture and finance.

As the final traces of summer’s honeysuckle scent cling to Portofino’s piazzetta, the film stars and fashionistas jump on their superyachts, seeking warmer climates. The town, flanked by pastel-coloured houses, comes alive in the autumnal sunshine and many locals venture out on strolls through the now quieter town. Bag the seats at the best restaurants that spill across the harbour, swim in the child-free, sun-warmed Paraggi bay and enjoy uninterrupted views over the Italian Riviera. It’s the perfect time to steal a slice of la dolce vita in peace.

Even the trees are handsome in Portofino, a small but perfectly coiffured coastal village that sits on its own peninsula, seemingly upping the exclusivity factor by mere geography. Hotels here are hushed and headily priced, but a drink by Portofino’s yacht-filled harbour or a stroll around its designer shops can be easily enjoyed on a day trip from Genoa.

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