Welcome to Naples

Although you may have been to many Italian cities, nothing prepares you for the exuberant, colorful, and sometimes chaotic hubbub of Naples. The entire population seems to be in the streets that spill down into its harbor, and they’re all talking at once. Colors here seem brighter, and aromas of pizza – Neapolitans claim to have invented it – waft through the air,  It’s a city that will keep all your senses busy.

Top Naples  Attractions

Naples is among one of the oldest city’s of the world, and is believed to have come into existence 4000 years ago. Visit the Naples Harbor Along the waterfront, at the historic gateway to the Mediterranean and the world, you can get a feel for this vibrant city. Naples harbor is divided into separate docks and basins by a series of piers and breakwaters, and is always bustling with activity. Take a walk  into the city’s historic center that is  a UNESCO World Heritage Site get to experience the beautiful architecture of the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola and the Royal Palace which is found at the Piazza del Plebiscito the main square. Castel Sant’Elmo a fortress from 1275 over here you can enjoy the overview of the city’s coast line and mount Vesuvius. The volcano creates a sense of uniqueness and visiting Pompeii should be included within your tour of the city .

Naples is also popular for its cafeterias and restaurants, that serves amazing Italian food and the worlds best coffee. Make sure to visit opera at the Teatro di San Carlo, which is one of the oldest activate opera houses in Europe and is popular for its beauty and with a promise to give unforgettable experiences.

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