Welcome to Marmaris

A popular resort town that swells to over a quarter-million people during summer, Marmaris is loud, brash and in your face all over town all of the time. It’s one of the few places along the coast where you might leave feeling more stressed out than when you arrived.

Top  Attractions

That said, if it’s a last night out, a gület cruise along the coast or a ferry to Greece you’re after, then this tourist haven is pretty much the full Monty. Bar St offers unparalleled decadence, while from the kordon (seafront), charter-boat touts will whisk you eastward to Fethiye and beyond. Marmaris boasts a pretty harbour, crowned by a castle and lined with wood-hulled yachts and the vessels of visiting sailors. And it even has history. It was from here that Britain’s Admiral Horatio Nelson organised his fleet for the attack on the French at Abukir in northern Egypt in 1798.

There’s plenty to do in Marmaris. Busy beaches, lots of bars and restaurants, plenty of shopping with fabulous bargains if you don’t mind wearing fake designer labels. Marmaris has a busy nightlife with a street devoted to dance music and all the high tech clubbing scene. Bar Street is opposite the busy bazaar and will satisfy the most discerning clubbers with it’s huge outdoor dance venues and all of the latest tunes.
You can get flights to Dalaman, the nearest regional airport which is 100 KM away from Marmaris.

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