Welcome to Linz

Linz is remarkable for possessing a sizable “Altstadt” (old town), for featuring a rich cultural life with numerous museums and festivals, for being situated in an attractive landscape characterised by the Danube and delightful hills, while it is at the same time an economically vibrant and busy industrial city with huge steel and chemical works.

Top Linz Attractions

‘In Linz beginnt’s’ (it begins in Linz) goes the Austrian saying, and it’s spot on. This is a city on the move, with its finger on the pulse of the country’s technology industry. Daring public art installations, a burgeoning cultural scene, a cyber centre and a cutting-edge gallery that look freshly minted for a sci-fi movie all signal tomorrow’s Austria.

Linz seized the reins as European Capital of Culture in 2009, and in 2014 Austria’s third-largest city became a Unesco City of Media Arts. Sitting astride the Danube, Linz is not only a contemporary hub but also harbours a charming Altstadt filled with historic baroque architecture.

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