Welcome to Libya

There are plenty of things to do in Libya. Travel around its capital city Tripoli and visit its various museums and mosques. Take a trip to Benghazi for some beach fun or go for desert safaris. Scuba diving is another activity you can indulge in near Lepta Magna.

Buy local crafts at its various traditional Souqs that make for great souvenirs or dig into the variety of cuisines available here and savour some of the local delicacies. Enjoy the celebrations of various local festivals, which the entire country celebrates with much enthusiasm.

Top Libya Attractions

Most of the monuments and landmarks in Libya were unaffected by the NATO bombing and are safe to visit. Hiking and trekking in the mountains, exploring the Sahara Desert by four-wheel or camel and water sports along the Mediterranean coastline are all favorite pastimes. One of the most stunning sights in the Sahara is Jebel Acacus, with its mysterious, other-worldly, black basalt monoliths, unique natural rock formations and 12,000 year-old rock art that are begging to be explored.

Libya’s Mediterranean coast boasts superb, palm-fringed, deserted beaches with Zuwarah its top vacation destination. The sea is an unbelievable blue, perfect for swimming and snorkeling, although the resort isn’t  yet set up for other water sports. A short boat trip away is Farwa Island, a pristine, off-the-radar escape. The well-respected Libya tour company Temehu offers four days in Zuwarah as part of a customized itinerary taking in historic landmarks and other areas of natural beauty.

The Libyan Sahara offers challenging hiking and trekking as well as tours by four-wheel or camel, taking visitors across one of the world’s most spectacular deserts. However you choose to traverse, you’ll be following in the footsteps of ancient desert tribes whose camel caravans roamed the trade routes across the vast dunes and bare mountains. Tuareg Arabs are your guides, with their instinctive knowledge and awareness of conditions bred over generations, and you’ll learn about their unique culture and ancient way of life. Libya Adventures offer 15-day treks through the wilderness including nights camping under the stars in palm-lined wadis.

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