Welcome to Istanbul

Coveted by empires across the centuries, straddling both Europe and Asia, Istanbul is one of the world’s great metropolises. Founded around 1000 BC, the colony of Byzantium grew into the Byzantine Empire’s great capital of Constantinople and after the Ottoman conquest of the city, retained its glorious place as the heart of their empire. The city (officially renamed Istanbul after the founding of the Turkish republic) is liberally scattered with glorious remnants of its long and illustrious history, and the sightseeing here will impress even the most monument-weary visitor.

Top Istanbul Attractions

Visit the Topkapi Palace with amazing architecture,  the vast complex is a dazzling display of Islamic art, with opulent courtyards lined with intricate hand-painted tile-work, linking a warren of sumptuously decorated rooms, all bounded by battlemented walls and towers.  The Hagia sopia which is the church of holy wisdom, a former byzantine church and mosque.  Now a standing museum and worldly known and acknowledged as one of the greatest buildings. nearby is the Blue Mosque The mosque gets its nickname from its interior decoration of tens of thousands of İznik tiles. The entire spatial and color effect of the interior make the mosque one of the finest achievements of Ottoman architecture.

The Grand Bazaar is massive a covered market is basically the world’s first shopping mall; taking up a whole city quarter, surrounded by thick walls, between the Nure Osmanıye Mosque and Beyazıt Mosque. Here you will find local crafts and beautiful handmade jewellery, best carpets, antiques and rare unique pieces.

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