Isles of Scilly

Welcome to the Isles of Scilly

While only 28 miles west of the mainland, in many ways the Isles of Scilly feels like a different world. Life on this archipelago of around 140 tiny islands seems hardly to have changed in decades: there are no traffic jams, no supermarkets, no multinational hotels, and the only noise pollution comes from breaking waves and cawing gulls. That’s not to say that Scilly is behind the times – you’ll find a mobile-phone signal and broadband internet on the main islands – but life ticks along at its own island pace. Renowned for its glorious beaches, there are few places better to escape.

Only five islands are inhabited: St Mary’s is the largest, followed by Tresco, while only a few hardy souls remain on Bryher, St Martin’s and St Agnes. Regular ferry boats run between all five islands. Unsurprisingly, summer is by far the busiest time. Many businesses shut down completely in winter.
The Isles of Scilly offer a certain quality of life – simpler, kinder and more peaceful. A quality long lost to many other parts of the UK. And 2,200 people are lucky enough to call it home. There are five inhabited islands – St. Mary’s, Tresco, St. Martin’s, Bryher and St. Agnes plus countless uninhabited ones to explore. Each island has its distinct characteristics. Scilly also boasts an incredible ancient history and archaeology, alongside sweeping sea views and rugged undeveloped coasts. Out at sea, there are incredible shipwrecks and amazing wildlife.

Our heritage revolves around the sea – fishing for lobsters, crabs and crayfish and racing traditional pilot gigs. Flower farming also thrives here; Scilly’s scented narcissi are renowned the world over.

The sea air, clean seas and mild weather also provide the additional secret ingredients to local fare – including lobster, tender island-reared beef, freshest vegetables and melt-in-the mouth ice-creams. Enjoy our cafes and restaurants; explore our local stores and farm stalls.

So come: submerge yourself in our way of life. Unwind in a natural playground and indulge in some island experiences.

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