Welcome to Grenoble

Haloed by mountains, France’s self-styled ‘Capital of the Alps’ unites city pleasures and breathtaking nature. Every road leading out of Grenoble brushes a different regional park. The Isère River slices through the city, girding the clifftop Bastille and a ravishing set of riverside museums. On the opposite bank, Grenoble fizzes: a historic quarter lined with cafes and shops, world-class galleries, and an efficient tram system zipping between neighbourhoods both glamorous and gritty.

Top Attractions

Though it’s surrounded by land preserved for nature, Grenoble is an engine of industry – thanks in part to an economic boost from the 1968 Winter Olympics held here. Since then, high-tech industries have carved out niches in Grenoble, fuelled by the university’s reputation for maths and computer sciences. Students (more than 45,000) and culturally engaged locals stimulate an arts scene and nightlife that are the envy of the French Alps.
Grenoble has one of the prettiest backdrops of any city in France. Nestled in the Isère Valley and surrounded by inspiring mountain peaks of the French Alps, Grenoble offers a breath of fresh air-both literally and figuratively. Beautiful gardens and green spaces are found throughout this industrial town, revealing a true appreciation of the outdoors.

Begin exploring the town in the Vieille Ville, the charming historic center filled with cobblestone streets and picturesque squares. Then decide which of the many top-rated museums to visit. Grenoble’s impressive number of museums speaks to the rich heritage of this city-formerly the capital of the historic Dauphiné region. The Musée de Grenoble boasts one of best collections of fine arts in France; other museums are devoted to archaeology, history, and local culture. After discovering the urban tourist attractions, explore the nearby regional nature parks to get lost in the flowering meadows and densely wooded pine forests.

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