Welcome to Çeşme

Unlike many resort towns in this region, Çeşme has retained a local population and flavour. Only 8km from the Greek island of Chios (Sakız), the town has a long seafront perfect for promenading, a magnificent castle built by the Genoese and a bustling merkez (commercial centre) with plenty of shops and cheap eateries. Popular with weekending İzmiris and with those who balk at the high prices and style overload at nearby Alaçatı, it’s an excellent base for exploring the region.

Top Attractions

Çeşme (pronounced chesh-meh) is a sea-side resort town (population around 20,000) on the Aegean coast, 85 km west of Izmir. It lies on the extreme western tip of Turkey, opposite the Greek island of Chios. The name “Çeşme” means “fountain” in Persian (چشمه) and possibly draws reference from the many Ottoman fountains scattered across the city. Today Çeşme is the center of a rich resort area that feature lovely beaches and spas.

Çeşme is a compact town, so the simplest way to get around is walking. The Genovese Castle dominates the waterfront of Çeşme. Starting at the northwest corner of the Castle is the main square, situated kitty corner from the Castle with the waterfront on the west side, On the east side of the main square is the pedestrian Inkilap Caddesi, Çesme’s main shopping street, which slants inland from the northwest corner of the Castle. To the south, Beyazit Caddesi wraps around the Marina waterfront and terminates near the southwest corner of the Castle.

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