Welcome to Bremen

Bremen, one of Germany’s three city-states (along with Berlin and Hamburg), is known for being among the country’s most outward-looking and hospitable places, with a vibe that strikes a good balance between style, earthiness and good living. Nature is never far away here, but Bremen is better known for its fairy-tale character, unique Expressionist quarter and one of Germany’s most exciting football teams. It’s also one of Europe’s leaders in science and technology, home to the Airbus Defence and Space headquarters and a major Mercedes Benz plant.

Top Bremen Attractions

Bremen is a major cultural and economic hub in the northern regions of Germany. Bremen is home to dozens of historical galleries and museums, ranging from historical sculptures to major art museums, such as the Übersee-Museum Bremen. Bremen has a reputation as a working-class city. Bremen is home to a large number of multinational companies and manufacturing centers. Companies headquartered in Bremen include the Hachez chocolate company and Vector Foiltec. Four-time German football champions Werder Bremen are also based in the city.

More populous than Hanover, Bremen scrapes in as Germany’s 11th largest city, but feels quite the contrary, offering a relaxed, unhurried lifestyle. Closer inspection reveals some vibrant districts with fine restaurants and fun bars, a lively entertainment calendar, a selection of excellent museums and a beautiful Altstadt (old town).

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