Welcome to Bordeaux

Bordeaux at its heart is well known for its wines,how to sell it and most importantly how to enjoy drinking it. This destination offers great restaurants, great wine bars and many activities to take part in. Bordeaux is called the “Port of the Moon” because of its romantic location on a crescent-shaped bend of the Garonne River.


Top 10 Bordeaux Attractions

Whether you like culture (Mollat Bookshop), art (Water Mirror), nature (the public garden and the botanical garden), shopping (Quai des Marques, Gambetta Neighbourhood or Pas Saint-Georges street) good food (La Tupina, a wine tour at Pape Clément, Le Petit Commerce, Le Marché des Capucins, the Chocolat Darricau) cruises (Burdigala cruises) or just a good place to stroll around (the stone bridge, quays) or if you want to discover new things like the beautiful stadium, Bordeaux is an incredible city, with something for everyone, families, lovers and wine lovers, culture buffs or globe trekkers, monuments, sports, shopping, fashion and so much more.

Contact Jets4you for the best private jet prices to Bordeaux, one of Frances beautiful cities. within the southern-western of France, consisting of a rich cultural heritage along with a modern influence. visit its historical centre  that is recognised and cared for by UNESCO World Heritage Site houses many 18th centurary buildings  momuments such as the   Palais de la Bourse, Grand Théâtre, Monument des Girondins situated by the Place des Quinconces that is the largest square in Europe.

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