Welcome to Bodrum

Bodrum is Turkeys Turquoise Coast at its most vibrant. This is a holiday destination du jour, with a marina full of bobbing yachts ready to whisk you out onto the Mediterranean, a handful of ancient attractions for sightseeing, and a town filled with photogenic, old whitewashed houses. Once the ancient city of Halicarnassus, by the late Ottoman era, Bodrum had turned into a simple fishing village, but all that changed in the 1940s when tourism entered the fold. Now during summer, this town buzzes with energy as tourists come from all over the world to soak up Bodrum’s charm. If you happen to visit out of season though, you can still catch a hint of the old village atmosphere.

Top Bodrum Attractions

Visit the castle of St Peter which is normally at the top of every visitors list to see in Bodrum,the magnificent castle  once upon a time it  was mosque. Today, many of the vast halls inside the castle display the exhibits of Bodrum’s Museum of Underwater Archaeology. The Museum of underwater archaeology This absolutely brilliant museum inside the Castle of St. Peter is a must-see, even if you don’t have an interest in underwater archaeology. The layout of the exhibits is clearly organized and the dazzling artifacts are complemented by slick multimedia displays. The Bodrum Theater is used for a program of events and concerts.while you’re in town as seeing a performance within the theater is the best way of imagining how it would have been used in the grand era of Halicarnassus.

The Marina and Shipyard  is a sailor and sea-lover’s paradise, crammed with bobbing yachts of all shapes and sizes. There are dozens of options to get out onto the water, with excursion vessels offering day trips (or longer) around the coast, visiting islands and hidden coves for sunbathing and swimming. Last but not list take a stroll within the Old Town, It’s an incredibly charming place for a late afternoon wander, there are plenty of cute boutiques and cafés in this area if you need to sit down and relax after strolling.

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