Bavarian Alps

Welcome to Bavarian Alps

Stretching west from Germany’s remote southeastern corner to the Allgäu region near Lake Constance, the Bavarian Alps (Bayerische Alpen) form a stunningly beautiful natural divide along the Austrian border. Ranges further south may be higher, but these mountains shoot up from the foothills so abruptly that the impact is all the more dramatic.

Top Attractions

The region is pocked with quaint frescoed villages, spas and health retreats, and possibilities for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, canoeing and paragliding – much of it year-round. The ski season lasts from about late December until April, while summer activities stretch from late May to November.

One of the largest resorts in the area is Garmisch-Partenkirchen, one of urban Bavaria’s favourite getaways. Berchtesgaden, Füssen and Oberstdorf are also good bases.

While the mountains are not particulary high , they are none the less imposing looking to the visitor and native alike. This is because of the massive vertical rise that the mountains take on from the Bavarian countryside south of Munich, giving the viewer the impression that they are much higher than they really are. Added the fact that the mountains are older in geological terms, they are quite chiseled at their peaks giving the traveler wonderful views like the famous landmark mountain of Berchtesgaden, the Watzmann.
Alpine crystal blue lakes and flowing rivers are plenty in the region as well. Thick fir tree forests hide abundant wildlife and thousands of kilometers of marked hiking trails that could easily lead you over the open border into Austria. The region is popular with motorbike riders and mountain bikers too.

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