Tolmachevo Airport

Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport (Russian: Аэропо́рт Толмачёво) (IATA: OVB, ICAO: UNNT) is situated in the town of Ob, 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) from the center of Novosibirsk, an industrial and scientific center in Siberia and Russia’s third-largest city.

There are two (3,600 metres (11,800 ft) and 3,605 metres (11,827 ft)) active runways in Tolmachevo Airport, along with one large passenger terminal with two connected sections (Section A for domestic flights (25,000 square metres (270,000 sq ft), 18 check-in desks, 2 jet bridges, capacity 1,800 PAX/hour ) and Section B for international flights (27,000 square metres (290,000 sq ft), 14 check-in desks, 3 jet bridges, capacity 1,300 PAX/hour) ), 2 cargo terminals and 61 aircraft stands. Runway 16 is equipped with an ILS CAT II, which enables aircraft operations in low ceiling (30 metres) and visibility (350 metres).

The airport is situated in the middle of the route from some important East-Asian cities (e.g. Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, etc.) to Europe which makes it attractive for cargo airlines to use it for refueling stops. It serves also as a diversion airport on Polar route 1.

Tolmachevo is the busiest airport in Siberia and the eighth-busiest airport in Russia. It is also the busiest regional transit airport in Russia after Moscow MOW. In 2017, the airport served 5,007,302 passengers (+22.2%) and handled 29,441 tons of cargo (+18.0%). Detailed data for years 2003–2017 is in the Traffic Statistics section below.

The Tolmachevo Airport is operated by Novaport since 2011.[

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