Avignon – Provence Airport

Avignon Provence Airport (French: Aéroport Avignon Provence, IATA: AVN , ICAO: LFMV) is an airport located in the city of Avignon  and 4 kilometres (2 mi) west of Caumont-sur-Durance, in the Vaucluse department of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in France. The airport resides at an elevation of 38 metres (125 ft) above mean sea level. It has one paved runway designated 17/35 which measures 1,880 by 45 metres (6,168 ft × 148 ft). It also has a two parallel grass runways: 17R/35L measuring 700 by 50 metres (2,297 ft × 164 ft) and 17L/35R measuring 250 by 20 metres (820 ft × 66 ft). The shorter grass runway is for use by ultralight aircraft.

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