The world’s leading private jet manufacturers

The world’s leading private jet manufacturers

Airbus Corporate Jets


Airbus are best recognised as manufacturers of large aircraft that are commonly used by commercial airlines. However, since 1997, they have also been designing and producing business jets. Airbus offer the most modern and comprehensive jets in the world, focusing on giving customers wide and spacious cabins to travel in.

Beechcraft Corporation


The Beechcraft Corporation, formerly known as Hawker Beechcraft, was founded in 1932. As of today, there is a range of nine different Hawker business jets available. These aircraft vary in size, being able to hold between 5 and 12 passengers.

Boeing Business Jets


Boeing have been manufacturing commercial aircraft since 1916, and in the late 1990s, they also entered the private jet market. Recently, Boeing have been creating business jets based on the 777, 787 and the 747, which can hold up to around 50 passengers and also have enough space for a master bedroom, bathroom and living area.